(Pic A5.1)
Agouti point Siamese female.
(note: she was recovering from getting bitten, while in a tussle with one of her housemates.  Hence right side of her face is a bit swollen still)
(Pic A5.2)
"Silvano" - our suspected Silver point.
(note: eyes are ruby, but look too dark in photo)
(Pic A5.3a)
Two of our early Balinese.  Rochelle is in the pedigree of the Lilac point Balinese boy we have a present. (DaVinci)
(Pic A5.3b)
(Pic A5.4)
Siamese Fox, is in fact genetically a Siamese Tan, but because the himalayan gene inhibits the expression of yellow pigment, the usual tan belly fur is white.
(Pic A5.5)
'Tokra' was our first Si-Manx mouse.  
(Pic A5.6)
Our Burmese male, "Santana"
(Pic A5.7)
Our first Javanese, a little female stumpy manx.
(Pic A5.8)
These little guys are brothers.
They are good examples of their type & colour.
(Chocolate & Seal)
(Pic A5.9)
Our current Javanese girl 'Gaia'.  Otter is a colour that is not fully identified yet it is ce gene based.