(Pic A4.1)
"Carawatha Maverick"
Lavender mismarked bareback
rumpy Tailless.
@ 4months old.
Showing rounder body type, especially over the hip area.
(Pic A4.2)
Rumpy Riser - 18 day old "Carawatha Sarabi"
(Pic A4.3)
pic coming soon
(Pic A4.4)
The tail of a 'shortie can end bluntly
(Pic A4.5)
"Maverick's daughter - Tailless carrier
"Carawatha Besos"
Lavender Bareback
(Pic A4.6)
"Carawatha Sarabi"
Agouti DownUnder Hooded
Rumpy Riser Tailless.
@ 18 days of age.
she has a small tag of skin(no bone) where her tail would normally begin.
(Pic A4.7)
"Mystar Baci"
Black DownUnder Spotted
Rumpy Tailless.
@ 3weeks of age.
she also has a skin tag(no bone). At first this was quite small, but it grew with her, so that in adulthood, it looked as if she had a rattie raisin stuck to her behind.
(Pic A4.8)
"Mystar Little Flower"
Dove DownUnder Hooded
Rumpy Tailless.
@ 4weeks of age.
Completely rumpy, displaying a dimple where her tail would start.