OUR MICE - Males
At one stage all our males lived together, but a few scuffles broke out, probably due to their recent move to come back to live with us.  So we decided to separate some of them for safety, so for now we have boys in three separate houses.

The first house...
"Carawatha Santana" - (pic 4.1)
"Santana" is our alpha mouse of the group.  He lives with two other males, both strong mousinalities like himself.  They appear to keep each other in check.
  "Santana" is an otter Burmese with very good shadings.  He's a large muscly mouse, who simply adores his running wheel, so much so that his tail appears to be permanently arched over his back.  
  He's easy to handle but prefers not to be.  He  does however come to you readily when you have a treat.

"Santana" has been shown once in October 2000 where he placed 2nd against our "Selene".  Unlike "Selene" though, he has maintained his points as he's aged, and for this reason we definitely would consider showing him again.

"Santana" is yet to sire a litter.  Both "Selene" and "Java" are likely ladies in waiting for him.

"Carawatha Kingsford" - (pic 4.2)
"Kingsford" is a lovely silver Banded male, from our banded line.  He's good show quality and a wonderful personality.  Definitely a person mouse more than a mouse mouse.  Very outgoing, always up on the water bottle when he hears you coming, and very definitely a hyperactive mouse.  
  He's our second friendliest male.  A trait that's already proven to carry to his offspring, with "Taylor" having his inquisitive nature.  He currently lives with "Santana" and "Da Vinci".

"Kingsford" has been to one show in October 2000 and took out 1st in his breed class then went on to win reserve marked mouse of show.  No small feat for a variety of mouse so difficult to breed to the standard.

"Kingsford" was bred to "Panda", who's litter of 4, gave us "Carawatha Taylor of Gloucester".   We plan on breeding him again.  Maybe to little "Sammy" when she gets a whole lot older.

"Carawatha Da Vinci" - (pic 4.3)
"Vinnie" is a chocolate point Balinese from the same background as "Alanis" our Siamese girl.    "Vinnie" is the compulsive/impulsive of the three.  He's the one who makes the nest, and sorts the stash of treats etc.  It's not unusual to see him running between the three wheels, as if comparing which one is best.  
  "Vinnie" startles easy and is rather timid when he's in his home, but once you have him out, it's a whole new story.  We've learnt our lesson not to let him on the computer desk.  Lets just say, he looked like a broken marked there for a while, thanks to his exploration of the Hewlett-Packard cave he found.

"Vinnie" has not been shown, but is show quality, we may show him in the future.

He has not been bred yet, but we're thinking about breeding him with "Alanis" at some stage.

The next two boys live together in a different home to the above 3.  They were removed nearly two months ago, from the main home because we believe these two were being singled out and picked on.  They both started to develop snuffles because of this.

"Carawatha Silvano" - (pic 4.4)
This boy is a lovely big Siamese with good points and a reliable mousinality.  He had lived with "DaVinci" pretty much from when they were babies, with no problems.  All 6 boys were introduced just before we left for overseas, and lived together for a period of 4 months in peace before mayhem broke out.
  "Silvano" developed a case of the snuffles shortly after the fighting began.  He was segregated along with "Simba", where the two of them have been treated with antibiotics.  From time to time he can be heard to be making breathy little noises still.  For this reason we have just started him on a different course of antibiotics, so far he has improved a little.  If he does not recover completely then we won't be breeding from him.  He and Simba have since been separated.
  "Silvano" was thought to be a pink-eyed white at first, until at around 6 weeks old he started to develop points.  The points colour was like nothing we'd ever seen before.  After looking back over his pedigree, we've come to the conclusion that it's more than likely that he is a silver point Siamese.  Though his eyes have darkened some with age, initially he had bright pink eyes, which helped us in our reckoning of his colour.
  He is largely unrelated to the other Siamese lines we have here and we're rather surprised at his quality of points and shadings considering his mixed heritage.
(Update Note:  He has been clear chested for over 2 weeks now, and all the boys are to be homed together again this week - 01.08.01 -Yvette)

"Silvano" has been shown once in October 2000, where he took out best baby shaded mouse of show.

His first mating will be to a silver female on the way to identifying for sure, his colour.  

"Carawatha Simba" - (pic 4.5)
"Simba" was "Silvano's" cage-mate.  He is a lovely little ruby-eyed white pet with a small fleck of chocolate roan on his rump.  He was kept because of his temperament & also because of a peculiar trait in his line (discussed in the female mouse section under his sister "Pixel").  The line he comes from are exceptional in temperament.  Both his mother "C.Wysteria" and his father "C.Yuki" were some of the sweetest mice we've ever bred.  They were both re-homed to Rosenberg mousery before we went overseas.
  "Simba" also had a touch of the snuffles when he was initially removed from the main boys house with "Silvano".  The antibiotics seem to have worked exceptionally well with him.  He's recovered and has not shown any symptoms of illness for over a month now.  

"Simba" has not been shown as yet.  We look forward to trying him in some of the pet classes at future shows.

Because "Simba" is the only male from his line that we have, he will prove valuable if we are in need of a total out cross at any stage.  We would like to breed from him at some time, to pass on the good temperament of his line.  I'd imagine we would use him in either our texel or our Manx lines, as they can be shown in unstandardised patterns, which is what he would throw.

He has since been placed in for breeding with his sister "Pixel"

& Last but not least...
"Carawatha Ted'E'Bear" - (pic 4.6)
Dear "Teddy" is our most personable little mouse of all.  He's the only one content to just sit with you and relax.  He's a dove blaze/banded Astrex, obtained by crossing our texel line with our banded line.  "Teddy" has managed to retain his coat well into adulthood.
  He was originally separated from the other five, when he appeared to be doing poorly.  While he didn't have any marks on him to identify having been bullied, within hours of being removed he was a lot happier.  We kept him out for a week, upon which time we decided to breed with him.  So he has been on his own(with lady visitors)  for the last 2.5 months.  Seeing as he no longer has a girlfriend for companionship, we will be attempting a reunion with the other boys at the same time we try it with "Simba".  Fingers crossed it's successful.

He has not been shown, but may be in the future.

"Teddy" was father to the litter that "Chantilly" lost a bit over a month ago.  That was his first.   
His second litter is 8 daughters to "Thomasena", of which we've kept two. "Samantha Whiskers" & "LilyLacy"
Maybe we should be letting him have a bit of a rest now, while we give someone else a turn.

"Lacock Maharaja" - (pic 4.7)
Raja is an 'xx' sized little man.  He is our youngest, and at not even 4 months he is nearing Santana in size already.  He's a friendly little guy, and very easy to handle.  

Raja is a little heavily barred & a little 'heavy' in general for the show bench, but has very good tummy, tail  and facial markings.

We have not bred with him as yet.  We would like to breed from him.