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We are a Registered Breeder with the Australian National Rodent Association, Queensland (RBN-001/97)

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About Us

~ I chose the name "Carawatha" for our prefix after the farm on which I grew up. It was here that my love for animals began. My family have always kept pets & livestock the whole of my existence so this was the obvious name to choose.

"Carawatha" is an aboriginal word meaning 'Place of Pines', as our property had many of these. I first registered this name for the cavy stud I ran during my high-school years before starting our Rodentry in 1986. I also registered this name for a brief time in the early 90's with the Canine Control Council, when we had a litter of pups with our beautiful dog "Rue".

~ We are devoted to breeding quality "PET" Fancy Rats. We are not currently breeding any mice, but used to and may do so again at some time in the future.    By paying special attention to the temperaments of each individual animal and selecting only the sweetest natured to breed from, our animals have exceptional temperaments & are of a good size physically.

~ All our babies are handled from a young age and are well socialised, both with people and others of their kind.   Even though we emphasise the "Pet" quality aspect in all the animals we breed, a high percentage of them are suitable for exhibition &/or breeding to improve "Breed Type".

~ All of our Rats & Mice are registered with the ANRA in Qld. If you are adopting one from us and would like either a Generational History Data Sheet or Pedigree, these are available upon request.   We like to keep in touch with our babies New Family,  just to see how they're getting along and are happy to offer advice at any time, on any aspect of breeding or caring for these amazing creatures.

 ~ We have an average of six litters per year. We do take reservations for babies & actually encourage this. The majority of the babies we breed are reserved before they are even born.   We both Outcross and Line-breed, and do practice inbreeding with some of our lines.  We have been breeding to a strict genetic plan for the majority of the time we've been in the Fancy, (Since 1989)  to improve both temperament and type.

~ We are volunteers for the "Rodentzone Rescue, Welfare and Adoption Service", however our current place of abode doesn't have enough room for us to take in many rescues at this time.     I do encourage any of you interested in rescuing, to visit the website.

~ All enquiries are welcome, for Breeding/Genetics advice, Stud enquiries & to reserve babies.     From time to time we may have a rescue or two available for adoption.

~ In Both our "Rats" & our "Mice" sections, there's a paragraph or two about each individual animal and a Photo, so you can get to know our pets a little better.      (If there isn't a current photograph, it's not far away)

 ~ There is also a "FEATURE PAGE" that from time to time will hold different varieties of Rat or Mouse, that are of particular interest to the Fancy at present and/or that I'm currently working on developing further.  This page will be updated approx. every quarter.  Previous Feature Pages will be archived so that you can still access them.

We trust you will enjoy looking around our Rodentry.